Device for general purpose augmentation - "ACUMA"? (GPT-3 invented the name)

I’m also not great at CAD

But for some reason I have access to GPT-3 and a bunch of other stuff. So I can help with anything you need involving that. I’m also good at web design

Technically, HATs just help you plug stuff in. and in my experience they are more limiting than helpful:
When you add in a HAT, it covers your entire GPIO interface while sometimes only using 2 or 3 pins.

So in a way the HATs just “transform” the RasPi into something else (which usually already exists in a smaller and more efficient form-factor)… it’s very different to “adding functionality”.

That kind of confusion is what I’m referring to as a danger of throwing buzzwords and blanket statements out there.

That makes me wonder if you’re hoping someone will jump at making your project and then you can try to help them?

I mean… I’m happy to offer some help, be it logical/focal (like now), or technical if it comes down to software engineering issues.
A bunch of people here would be happy to provide electrical engineering advice as well.

But hands on making something… I barely have time for my own pet projects at the moment!
And am still trying to find out time to put together the schematics of my door lock to give it to the community here!

So that one would fall quite low in my hands-on time allotment priorities, I’m afraid.

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Well tbh I can probably build it I’d just need help with funding and some of the materials probably. Possibly some CAD work I have a friend with a 3d printer but I’m not great at designing 3d models so I could use help with that.

Would that be possible perhaps?

I just don’t have a ton of money that’s the problem

Tough love question

So what ARE you willing to contribute to your own project?

Because it seems like you just want to come up with the concept and have everyone else do the work and funding….

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Building it. I just need the parts. Also coming up with the design behind the entire thing.

Spicy take :hot_pepper:

If you want to build something (that only you seem gung ho for) you buy your own parts…

nobody is just going to randomly fund or supply your random design concept… especially with little to no confidence in your knowledge or ability to see it through

Smacks of naivety / narcissism / immaturity
I’m not sure which, but I don’t like the smell or taste of any of it


(I’m also not entirely convinced this isn’t some weird chat gpt experiment)

If you have actual questions when you get your hands dirty… I’ll respond (not that I’m useful for much :roll_eyes: ) … but I’m done with design concept day dream

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I haven’t actually got chatgpt yet I was dumb about it and missed getting access and now I got to wait :frowning: but could someone at least do the 3d models? I honestly don’t know how to do the complex shapes and junk I need. I got a friend with a 3d printer so I just need the models.


Ok,. will try to keep my posts short for once… :sweat_smile:

If you can come up with what are those complex shapes, yes… someone here probably can 3D model for you.

My 3D modelling tool of choice is Blender, and I often don’t get it down to exact millimeters because patience… but it’s usually good enough for prototyping.

But be it me or anyone else, there will be some things we need to see first.

foremost, what are the shapes? a design on paper with dimensions would be the bare minimum needed.

And secondly, why are we modelling it for you?
As in… if you ask me to model a piece that I can clearly see won’t serve any purpose, I won’t waste my time.

The path needs to be:

  • you come up with a well defined concept
  • you trace a roadmap about what you need to achieve, step by step
  • you do some research and show us what tech you want to use and why… preferably focusing on predicting the hardships you’ll encounter.

then as long as you’re showing you actually put some effort into it as well, people come together to help.

but sentences like:
“I know how to do it. we just need to build some kind of dataglove, then we can use the same kind of sensors for the body”…
only serve to make us more skeptical.

  • if you knew how a dataglove works, you would be able to say specifically which kind.
  • if you know how you plan to build it, you also need to already know exactly what kind of sensor you want.
  • when you tell me which sensors you’re gonna use, I’ll poke holes in your project and ask you about all the bits where I’m not confident about it… and that’s where you need to show me you have a well thought reason to have chosen those types of sensors, and a plan to compensate all the issues we can see in it.

Changing the goal every time you get asked about something doesn’t help either:
Projects that deserve volunteer work are always clearly set ones.

Especially if it’s just a cool thing you want that no one else sees personal value on.


I failed :sweat_smile:

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Spot on though :man_shrugging:t2:

Well basically the idea is the design I posted. The idea is tho the hardware has to fit but that shouldn’t be that difficult one I can figure out what’s the best VR headset to use here and stuff

I think it’s also important to highlight that we’re not trying to be gatekeepers or naysayers here, although it may sound like we’re just trying to shoot you down. Biohacking/grinding is a difficult and laborious pursuit. We want to invite as many participants into the community as we can and help each other, but sometimes that help comes in the form of criticism in order to refine your ideas and drive them towards more successful outcomes.

I hope it doesn’t come across as everyone telling you to “shut up and leave”. The people who are involved in this thread want you to learn and grow an succeed. This idea needs some work before it is anywhere near a viable project that people can devote time towards, but hopefully the experience you gain from ideating it and dealing with feedback will help you become a successful biohacker.

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True that!!

I would assume that the sheer length of my posts was enough to signal I want to see @n3tfox making this into a great project!

Yet, appreciate you making it far clearer, @Satur9 !!

But this design, as well as the first text and even the name of your project, are AI-generated… so, in how far did you come up with it? You came up with a cool idea, that’s true, but that’s already all of it…

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Well tbh the ai is basically (in the text) rephrasing something I put into it, and the image is described by me in text

So the ai was literally rephrasing my ideas