Did I brick my xSIID?

I just realized, that writing to my xSIID doesn’t seem to work.
After dumping the memory I noticed the following:
PAGE 226: 00 00 FF 00
PAGE 227: 00 00 00 E2
Did I somehow manage to set lock byte 2?
Wouldn’t that require an authenticated write?
Do I understand correctly, that after setting the lock byte to FF, the entire storage space can’t be written to anymore?
I need some reassurance.

From what I can tell, you should be okay. Page E2 (aka 226) holds the dynamic lock bytes, but it’s bytes 0 and 1 that actually lock pages. Byte 2, the one set to FF, contains the Block Locking bits, which disable page locking bits.

In other words, that’s normal and your implant should be fine.

Everything after E2 should be password protected, but everything before that should be open, so I’m not sure why writing to it would fail

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Thanks for the reply! I was a little confused about the blocking bits.
Will debug further after some sleep.

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