Different implants wanted

Hello everyone,

I am still looking for the following implants that are no longer available:


  • North sense
  • North Star V1

Who else has one that they may never have used.

Please send me a private message :slight_smile:


North Sense would be useless even if you find one, because the company does not support its app anymore. The app is not available on google store, and without it you can’t calibrate North Sense. And even if you get the app, it will not work because the company has stopped its database connection. The new and improved version of North Sense is called Sentero, and you can pre-order it from Cyborgnest website.


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Is this a thing for lovers?

I checked out the website. I mean, it seems really geared toward feeling another’s touch/heartbeat or sharing a memory.

That’s the ”improved” part! But it’s optional. The sense of North is still there, and cannot be turned off. There are options to feel another person’s heartbeat and/or their direction, plus I think direction of 3 locations. There is an option for live target too. These are all what they have told us, we haven’t seen the device itself yet.

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I just bought the Sentero.
I’m very curious about it :slight_smile:

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dsruptive ( xSIID) is working on an implant to the get the bodytemperature. They are still testing it in Sweden. Its not for the public yet :frowning: It will work with your phone.

Hopefully this implant will be also avaible via Dangerous Things / Digiwell.

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Ah that’s interesting, because I was still looking for the xBT, but maybe it’s better to wait a little longer?


I have 2 xBTs implanted - its intresting that the temperature is a little bit different. I have one over mi right breast and one in my left upperarm.

Ah thats very nice :slight_smile:
I’m definitely interested in both :slight_smile:

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