Disableable implant idea for the terminally paranoid

Say you’re concerned that someone might steal your credentials or effect a payment by sneaking up on you and reading your implant.

How about including a latching reed switch inline with the antenna? Present a magnet’s north pole to connect the antenna to the chip and enable it, present the south pole to disconnect the antenna and disable the chip. Those with xG3 v1 implants would even carry the control magnet permanently on their person (or inside, rather) :slight_smile:

The reed switch would be small enough to fit on top of even a wedge / slim / small flex implant, and would be soldered to the chip at one end, and soldered to the antenna at the other - the end of which would be shortened accordingly, but the capacitance would stay roughly the same as the length of “wire” within the reed switch itself would make up for the shorter coil.

As for solidity, smaller reed switches would be pretty stiff, even if they’re hollow. I tried breaking those things in the past and they’re pretty solid.

Anyway, just an idea…

its interesting for sure… just a bit… big. the total z-height is like 5mm with the external “weak” magnet glued on.

also, donchaknow, those sneaky government types carry both a portable RFID reader AND magnets

Oh yeah… Like people here are really averse to implanting big things :slight_smile:

Ah sorry yeah, I didn’t think about the height. Still, I seem to remember miniature versions of those reed switches - nowhere near 5mm. More like 2mm in diameter.

this sounds to me like a very interesting approach to affecting a power switch for a pegleg type device… like, zero power while off… that’s a huge difference compared to the hall effect sensor which must actively operate in low power mode even while “off”.

from the datasheet…

Mechanical shock as the result of dropping the reed sensor typically from a distance of greater than 12” may change it’s magnetic sensitivity and/or destroy the sensor


Translation: the reeds may get bent a bit, or get bent so much that the device is hosed :slight_smile:

Not a concern in someone’s squishy meat though. An implantee is their device’s shock absorber.

I like the idea,

Cant really think of a purpose, but it adds additional ways to interact with implants so I’m all for it

Interesting indeed!

Morse code xled? Tap with magnet.

A pair of oppositely oriented switches? Press North Pole for blue, South Pole for red.

The problem with mechanical switches like a Reed switch is that they fail over time because of fatigue. They’re also not made for RF frequencies like 13.56MHz. The pressure connection between the contacts presents a high impedance to signals at that speed. It may impact communication.

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or shock causer.
Recoil from firing a gun might be enough to fuck it up.

Luckily we have folks here who could test it, huh? :wink:

I mean… given that 12" falls are enough to mess up the switch, so even with our meat to cushion blows, falling from a bed the wrong way might be enough to bust it?

I do like the Idea, but would be averse to implanting something that fiddly. :confused: