Discourse + Firefox image upload problem

This has been going on for some time. I wonder if I’m the only one seeing this:

If I paste an image into a post using Firefox, if the image is too big (either in bytes or in actual size, it’s unclear), I see this and nothing happens:

It must be a Discourse problem because if I try to upload the same image here, no problem (and it works 10x faster too).

Pasting the image with Chrome-based browsers works normally though, so it’s definitely related to Firefox.

How big is the image?
I’ll see if I get the same issue

I tried with this pic, 400x2800, 3 MB, no problem with Firefox 100. Is your image bigger ?

OK that was too big

No, my images are maybe 800x600. 700x500 goes through, but 800x600 won’t.

Bear in mind that it works when uploading. It’s only when pasting an image.

I do not have these problems, my images get downscaled by discourse to something smaller 800x600.
I didn’t find a related issue on their forum so maybe make a bug report? How to make bug reports for Discourse - faq - Discourse Meta

Thanks! I’ll try clearing the cache and whatnot this evening.

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Tried this by pasting the image!

It must be me then. Hmm…

I get some kind of issue like that occasionally

But I’m on safari on mobile, and I think it’s just a combination of me bouncing around apps while it’s trying to upload, and discourse kind being glitchy

I also get a weird issue where occasionally the media upload button will stop working entirely…

I just force close and relaunch it and it’s fine

It is worth noting that I have DT forum saved as a simple bookmark shortcut… and somehow discourse can does some weirdness

I never get logged out… unless it glitches, and then if I relaunch I’m still logged in, so somethings weird there

It should just be launched in my browser, but when DT forum loads up, it somehow overrides and removes my browser controls entirely, it’s like it wants to be an app and decides it’s more than just a shortcut

I know you’ll just blame apple… but
Discourse is weird

Actually it’s a very good web app, but it’s still a web app. I’m surprised it’s that good actually. That’s how good it is. For a web app…

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