Do you try to enroll, or do you clone?

After a very good discussion earlier today, I started wondering a thing.

When it comes to access systems at places like work/gym/other places that you don’t own, do you talk to someone who admins the access system to get them to enroll your Implant with fixed UID? Or do just clone it immediately to a xM1 or other magic chip?

Here in Sweden, I think it’s more common to actually enroll a fixed UID. But I would like to hear your stories about it from other places.

  • enroll
  • clone
  • Situation dependent

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I fixed it for you by putting in a poll


To add “Situation dependent”

for me at least it would be “Situation dependent”

So I selected “Situation dependent” :wink:

Unfortunately enrolling involves asking a lot of people, like understanding how their own shit works… or making them do work…


I did a mix. At work I asked if I can clone it because I was pretty sure I’d get a yes and I wanted to avoid the weird conversation if someone saw it without knowing it.

For everything else I’d only talk about it if cloning doesn’t work.