Does anybody know what happened to Cyberise.Me?

The website has been in “stealth mode” for a while now. I messaged the Cyberise Me Twitter account back in April, and got a response in May that just said there’s no estimated time of arrival yet.

I was curious if anybody has heard any info regarding why the site has gone silent and social media inactive for some time?

Alex Smith has been AFK since November. I think he’s dealing with personal stuff. Also PayPal has been real dicks about allowing biohacking transactions on their platforms, and they dominate the online transaction space.


Thanks for the response.

I also wasn’t aware PayPal is triggered over the existence of cyborgs. But I guess it’s more so about the concerns of “DIY biology”…

Unbeknownst to most people, Paypal - and Visa, and Mastercard - are one of those monopolies that secretly hold the world by the balls: they singlehandedly decide which company or organization lives or dies based on what they reckon is a legitimate use of the money that flows through them. If they don’t like what you do, they deny you the ability to receive money electronically and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s amazing the power they have, and it never ceases to amaze me that nobody in power seems to be worried about it even a little bit.

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That’s assuming

people in power =/= people who control money

We all know where the real power is. Elected officials don’t have much sway

well, its a “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” situation… so they kinda don’t care.

to be clear, it’s not like they are in cahoots or anything… they actually pretty much hate each other… but take a look at wikileaks… you can still donate to them via credit card, paypal, etc. even though they had a big dust-up… and shut down bank accounts and payment services… it was temporary… it was nothing but a knee jerk reaction which was all about protecting brand for these payment companies… they don’t actually care what the fuck you’re doing… what it’s about is face… specifically saving it for the purpose of keeping the stock price propped up. This, and only this, is the reason none of them are interested in a payment implant… not because they disagree with it on any kind of level… just because they are concerned about blowback and bad optics dropping the stock price even a little bit, and execs shitting the bed over “lost wealth”. If you want to know what really runs the world, it’s fear, then lust, then hunger, then comfort (shelter), and that’s basically it for 99% of humanity.

I mean, sorta… laws actually do still have power… and companies like PayPal etc. need to ensure they keep lawmakers in their pockets, and it’s a constant game as new reps cycle in and out etc. Laws have power, and lawmakers cut themselves off at the knees when they cozy up to “external influences”… but ultimately the real power is in the people’s hands. That said, its a bit like electron orbits… all random and chaotic they can’t do anything, but once aligned it can be a powerful force… just look at what’s happening to police departments in several major cities right now… mayors are reviewing budgets… making changes… deflating budgets… bringing on case workers and social agents… and things are changing, but only because of the power created by “the people” aligning and pushing in the same direction for change.

This is why sewing discord, fake news, distrust, and rage within the population keeps them from aligning… keeps them from forming their power and directing it in ways those who are supposed to represent the people might not want… and definitely not in ways those who have bought and paid for those representatives would want.


Yeah but… it’s not like EMV have any real involvement in payment implants. They don’t have to actively develop anything, or provide significant help in any way to enable it to happen. If I understand correctly, all they have to do is let Vivokey sell secure chips that don’t expire.

How could that possibly blow up in their face from an image standpoint? If there’s backlash or outrage, it’ll be directed at Vivokey. The payment companies can just go “Meh… they can sell payment buttplugs too, what can we do about it?” Just like nobody blames camera makers when someone snaps offensive dirty pictures with them.

Well, a couple things here… if by EMV you mean the consortium that deals with payment standards, then these aren’t even the people having a say about it… they just help define standards so each individual payment company can work with payment hardware in some standardized way so there isn’t a MasterCard terminal and a Visa terminal etc… these guys have nothing to do with the current roadblock we’re facing.

If, by EMV, you mean EuroPay and MasterCard and Visa as separate payment companies, then you’re on the right track, but the issue has nothing to do with the technical side of things. There are a few simple “last mile” hurdles to clear here that are pretty dang standard stuff for any contactless payment device… it’s not about work or cost or technical issues what-so-ever.

There is a lot to address here but it’s irrelevant because its not the issue… in short, we don’t put static data on the chips which includes an account number or expiration, we put a token on which is like how Apple Pay works and has no expiration and can be updated at any time to associate with a new account number whenever you want… but again, not the issue.

This is my argument as well… but the higher-ups at these companies don’t see it that way. They see it as a huge market like the USA is filled with nutjob psychopaths who will scream MARK OF THE BEAST! MASTERCARD IS THE DEVIL! VISA IS DOING SATAN’S WORK FOR HIM! … that kind of shit… and stock market speculators are a jumpy bunch… which is fair because stock price has literally nothing to do with company performance and everything to do with the perceived action that other stockholders will take, such as dumping stock or buying it up, which is why the stock market is so stupid… it’s a game of teeter-totter (or see-saw if you go that way) but both people are afraid the other is going to jump off at any time… so the slightest wind one direction or the other and they jump right off and both crash to the ground.

Anyway… this is the situation… there’s no quick way around it as far as I can see… so we’re going to release Apex with no ETA for payment features to be turned on. Apex will have MasterCard and Visa payment applets and token keys loaded, but unless we get the green light from either company, there is an entire chain of companies involved who will not allow anyone to connect their bank accounts to the tokens in the Apex chips. I do have plans to re-approach this after Apex is released, but for now there is no ETA on payment features for Apex.


Cryptocurrency and decentralized networks are the future, exactly because stuff like this.

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… and they know it… which is another issue actually… mastercard and soon visa both will deny the ability to run independent cryptocurrency apps on the same chip as their payment applets… and at the same time they are integrating new cryptocurrency networks so payments made from a cryptocurrency account to a merchant over their terminals and networks will still impose the same processing fees… another way to neutralize the effect cryptocurrency could have on their revenues… and I’m sure it will work since merchant terminal manufacturers are also banned from accepting cryptocurrency via their terminals or point of sale systems if they want to keep accepting mastercard or visa.

the only way for cryptocurrency to win is for merchants to get tired enough of paying the piper to set up a separate crypto point of sale system with its own terminal… and that’s a high bar… and maybe MC/Visa will just attempt to ban them from accepting it at all if they want to also accept MC/Visa payments… but that might be challenged legally… maybe… dunno.


You know, it’s quite obvious those people really grind your gears. it doesn’t take much to get you going on em - almost as little as it takes to get me going on Big Data :slight_smile:

But I’m thinking - and don’t take this the wrong way: maybe it ain’t all that smart to let it all hang out on a public forum. If them guys happen on it, it might put VK in a difficult position to ask them favors.

I’ll tell you why I’m saying this: the CEO of the previous company I worked for was a VERY vocal zionist on public forums. He posted his diatribes as a private individual, entitled to his own opinions of course, and there was nothing wrong with that. But company ended up losing a bid for a big contract with Saudi Arabia as a result.

The Saudi government explicitely cited the biggest reason they vetoed the deal was that they regarded letting a company headed by an openly ultra jew gain a foothold in the country a national security threat. It would have been okay if he had kept his trap shut. But he just couldn’t help himself.

I heard the following board meeting was rather stormy :slight_smile:

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Actually I think Amal is being very reasonable and reserved about the matter. I would be much more pissed than he is after all the rigamarole he’s went though. In my opinion, the reality is that the vast majority of people have no idea how payment schemes work, or any desire to learn. These people will not read through these technical posts or the constellation of background information that is required to understand them, so no PR harm on that front. The people in the know who work for this payment system don’t care about these posts personally, either.

The only people who care are us exceedingly small subset of the population that knows a bit and wants to know more, and posting background information like this is invaluable for us. Biohackers have never thrived by hiding things from each other, and Amal is definitely a no-nonsense type of guy when it comes to advancing humanity.


You sound like my wife… and she’s right. I’ll tone down my gear grinding :slight_smile:

Dont get me wrong: I wasn’t lambasting you or anything. Those institutions are quite opaque for most of us, and I find your insights into the inner workings of that particular club very interesting. And yes, I agree with Satur9: you are quite reserved on the matter. It’s just that I have a feeling it’s one of those clubs that like to stay in the shadows and don’t give chatty applicants their membership card.

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I am become hyperlink

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That’s what happens when I type too fast. There, I put you back in your gray livery :slight_smile:

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