Does anyone else make biomagnets?

I’m not really looking for something other than the Titan but I’m just a little curious if anyone else makes implantable magnets? I get this is the Dangerous Things forum so if this is the wrong place I get it.

Edit: I’m mainly wondering who makes the silicone magnets that I see in bodymod shops. Also, who in their right mind implants something without having any clue what the coating is?

Steve haworth makes silicone magnets

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Dangerous things, yes, but also bodymod enthusiasts who want people to be knowledgeable about what they’re doing and to be safe doing so. There’s been many a post of someone not even knowing what they’re looking for but the community helps them anyway! In lieu of other social media sites causing stirs a classic forum is always welcome to outside thoughts and opinions.


Yeah that’s why I thought that this forum was good for this post but I guess Amal gets the final say either way. If he doesn’t want to promote direct competition to his product I get it.


I don’t like the idea of promoting competition’s products, but I have no problem sharing information or just asking questions and getting answers. Blatant promotion will be deleted like any other spam, but if there are legitimate questions or people want to discuss things openly I’m all for it.

Of course, my opinion is that competitors products are inferior so I’m happy to discuss that on the public forum :slight_smile: For example, silicone is an elastomer. It will wear and tear and eventually fail. In fact this is so well known in the body modification industry that everybody you ask who is not familiar with Dangerous Things’ products will simply say that magnets are not permanent and they will inevitably fail. These professionals have never encountered our stuff.