Does this look okay?

It’s been about three weeks since install and the chip seems to have settled pretty close to the metacarpal. Is that okay? If it’s not, would I experience discomfort?

Also, the blue LED is so bright! Totally worth it.

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Looks good to me, no pain or discomfort, no onfection? no reason to worry!
what is the approximate distance from the bone in mm?

did you want to share a blue light photo :camera: or video :video_camera: :large_blue_circle:


That’s damn near exactly where mine is. Had it since August last year and I’ve been doing responder training, CPR, spinal board stuff and scenarios etc, and no issues at all or discomfort.

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Pics or it didn’t happen! I don’t care if you have to steal someone else’s phone to take the picture. Show us that beautiful blue bastard

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One end of mine slid right up to the bone. It’s fine. Don’t worry unless it tries to move ON TOP of the bone.

The heck with pictures, show me the VIDS!

It’s probably a couple of millimeters from the bone. It’s a tad sore but I’ve also been obsessing over it’s position and probably messing with it more than I should be. I’ll try not to worry about it. Thanks for the encouragement.

This clip does not do it justice. It’s so bright that I can see it under the lights in my office.


I’m not even about the Blinky, but that looks pretty impressive to me,


Damn it. That does look pretty damn cool. Shit. I’m going to order a dang light implant now aren’t I? Y’all called it. I’m predictably hooked already. Oy.


So what color did you get? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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None yet but now I’m annoyed i bought a bundle with no xLED like a FOOL haha.

skip the xLED the SiiD is where its at


Fair. That’s yet another actual chip though. Dang it. Hahaha