Doing a new xNT implant - inviting science/skepticism and conspiracy theory groups to watch

Hi all. I have an xNT implant kit scheduled for delivery tomorrow that I plan to implant this weekend. I’ve put out an invite to science and skepticism groups as well as a large Conspiracy Theory group on Facebook. I’ll be doing a livestream of implantation and a Q&A before and after. I will make it clear that I am in no way affiliated with or representing Dangerous Things, I want to give out solid facts and dispel myths including the ridiculous (in my personal experience) idea that you can detect an implant with a stud finder.

I’m open to any comments the community has and will respect anything DT staff says about use of their products. I will post the Facebook live stream when it’s ready so that the community here can view it and weigh in. I’ve promised some participants that it will be PG rated language only, so please respect that if you view the stream I post.

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Has this happened yet? Sounds interesting.

I waited to do it because of concerns about hitting veins in my hand. I ended up implanting it in a non-recommended location (back of hand between middle and ring finger) and it’s healed nicely, I’ll have to wait until until the XM1+ is released to do another one and stream it. The conspiracy theory group didn’t seem particularly interested, but a few science ones were.

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