Double tag on the same hand

From may 2016 on the left hand i’ve a NFC tag.
Can i install on the same left hand, 2mm on the right or on the left of old NFC, one RFID tag or so near they cannot work?

We do not recommend installing two x-series transponders into the same location in the same hand. Placing transponders close together can increase the risk of breaking.

If the only problem is the breaking and not the interference between the transponders, I’d try put the second transponder a few millimeters away from the first one.
Thank you

if the two transponders are different frequencies then there will be less interference than if they were the same frequency. try to keep at least 5mm of tissue between the two and you should be ok.

Hei Hamal,
1-Saturaday i buyed the second (this time Rfid xEMi).
About flex transpoder (beta tester only): how to become a beta tester?
2-I recived only sms fronte Visa
E’ stata richiesta un’autorizzazione di 123.93 USD per la tua Carta Deutsche Bank che termina con 587 - 11/03 ore 17.53 - DANGEROUSTHINGS CO - BELLINGHAM
and no order confirmation via email
I home i will recive before 23/03/2017 (for Instal in Rome by Riccardo Melito)

Thank you

Yes your order included some bullseye tags so I have to pack your order here at my lab. I don’t have bullseye tags stocked at my fulfillment center. Your order should ship out tomorrow.

To become a beta tester, you should try joining the DT Beta Facebook group. If you don’t have Facebook, you can simply order a beta device and be included in the next batch, but be sure to read the beta product pages - there are potential risks that are greater for beta products than our other, more widely tested products.

Tks 1000 Amal
After mi second plant i will write here my experience.