DT Forum tracking?

I’m currently working on a college paper on internet data privacy, and wanted to discuss this forum as it’s a site I often find myself on. I ran a Markup Blacklight search on the forum, and it looks like Stripe has some kind of tracker on the site. Can I ask what it’s for? Does the Dangerous Things Forum have some form of a privacy policy or terms of service?

That’s for payment processing for DT Club, I believe.

Yeah it’s tied to the subscription plugin… but seems strangely unnecessary to have it tracking normal posts

Sounds good. Is there a posted Privacy Policy for the forum anywhere I can reference for this paper?

Someone clearly doesn’t have the read guidelines badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Privacy policy:


I use uMatrix extension (by the guy who does uBlock Origin) and only allow the bare minimum to get sites functioning. After reading your post I checked my settings and indeed Stripe has been blocked since I first signed up here a few weeks ago.

The user interface is not very intuitive to use at first but easy once you watch the tutorial video they have.

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You cannot block the DT implant tracking system though: it’s not 5G, it’s not GPS, but it’s wireless, world-spanning and it’s inescapable. And you know you love it!