Dual account anti wife

I’m a newborn and french autistic user.

I would like to use my spark 2 as an account hider on my phone.

I want an “unsecured” account on my cell phone with no or less app. Able to unlock with a 4-digit code. This “account” is used when I’m in public or when authorities search in my phone for any suspect thing.

The “true” account needs my spark 2 contactless to be accessed.

Could you help me pls!

That might be possible, but honestly it’s probably not going to happen. I know it’s possible allow you to boot into a different profile depending on the passcode you enter, but I’ve only seen Huawei actually implement that. Additionally, there’s no phone I know of that allows NFC scanning on the lock screen anymore.

In theory you could set up tasker to hide / disable apps until the spark is scanned, but off the top of my head I don’t know of any launchers that allow app hiding through tasker.

If you’re really wanting to figure it out, tasker is probably your best bet. You’d just need to figure out a reliable way to hide apps.


I was curious so I experimented a bit to see what was possible. This may help you, but it’s an incredibly hacky solution. It will disable a selection of apps when you turn the screen off, and re-enable them when your implant is scanned. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will prevent someone from quickly going through your app drawer and seeing stuff you don’t want them to see.

You’ll need a few apps for this:

  • Tasker
  • Shizuku
  • Ice Box (version 3.19.0 specifically, NOT the latest version. I used this link from APKPure to download it, but do so at your own risk ofc)


  • Go through the initial setup process for Shizuku and start it. If you’re on Android 11 or higher you can do this through wireless debugging, otherwise you’ll need a PC with ADB set up.
  • Launch Ice Box. When it asks you what work mode to use, click MORE -> Shizuku Manager
  • Open Tasker and import this project.
  • Under the profiles tab, click the NFC Tag item and change the ID to the UID of your Spark2.
  • Back out of that and go to the tasks tab. Click on Freeze Apps -> Ice Box -> Configuration
  • Select the apps you want to hide.
  • Back out of that and do the same thing for the Unfreeze Apps task.

There are definitely some drawbacks to this. You’ll need to re-enable Shizuku on every reboot, the apps will still show up in your settings menu, etc. This is probably the closest you can get to what you’re looking for though unless there’s some app I just don’t know about (which is very possible).