Dual Frequency Ring broken after 4 months

I have been using my dual frequency ring for just 4 months, and the t5577 chip has stopped working (NFC still works)
When it stopped working i tried to see it the PM3 easy could find it, but nothing comes up.

I have little knowlege about RFID, and want to try to find out what caused this, or if i just got a bad ring.
The only thing i can think of is: at my work and university we use RFID cards frequently, is there any chanse interference can brick the t5577?

Has anybody else had issues with the ring / how long has it lasted for you?

Is the ring itself in good shape? I just got one myself and since they can’t be made of metal they do tend to be a bit less durable

If there is no sign of damage on the outside… would it have been subject to any sharp or repeated impacts? Punching bag, drums… etc

Is it possible it’s been very near a wireless charger? They have been known to put off either a pretty dirty output or possibly on harmonics that can also wreck some chips… but I lm not sure if I’ve heard of a lf dying this way

Any strong magnet interactions? Not necessarily that magnetism is bad, but it can pull ok the chips themselves possibly causing opens

The ring is in good shape, ony a few scraches, no drums, punching bag etc. not even dropped on the floor. Only wireless charger I have is for my watch, have not been near it other than setting my watch to charge.
No magnets either.