Dual Frequency Ring (NTAG216 + T5577) and MIFARE

Hello, I would like to ask about Dual frequency ring. Can it emulate MIFARE and its UID? One of these: MIFARE ® Classic 4k, MIFARE Plus ® 2k, MIFARE ® DESFire ® 4k

Thank You

No, unfortunately not.
The Dual Frequency Ring (NTAG216 + T5577) HF chip is NTAG216 which is different from the all of these you asked about (MIFARE ® Classic 4k, MIFARE Plus ® 2k, MIFARE ® DESFire ® 4k)
However, depending on what you are wanting to use it with there is a possibility it may work.

What are you wanting to use it with?

The NTAG 216 has 924 bytes of memory. The smallest of the MiFare cards that you mentioned has 2kB.

Yeah, it will depend on the use case.
If it is just looking at a UID over ISO14443A the NTAG216 may work.

It sounds like he wants to clone the UID, so this won’t be possible with the NTAG216, but it may be able to be enrolled…

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The Chameleon Tiny can emulate a MiFare Classic 4k. That might be a better choice depending on the use case (although it is larger).

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Use case is for opening doors, I often forget my id card at home and my work place is 70km away. Ring that that could clone UID would be good.

There are rings that can clone a UID but they emulate a MiFare ultralight, not any of the chips that you mentioned.

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