Dual Tech Implantables

Hey amal, have you considered designing dual tech implantables? With MIFARE DESFire setting the new standard, but HID Prox still being desired for universal compatibility this would be a very desirable chip to have.

I have a dual tech card (DESFIRE/Prox) and access to an X-Ray machine if it would be beneficial for you to have an X-Ray of the antenna layout.

Also, I make a pretty good guinea pig :slight_smile:

Nope. Dual frequency cards are just two completely separate tags stuffed into a single card. There are two separate antennas, and in most cases it’s also two separate chips also. Considering the space in an implant is extremely limited, I don’t see much benefit to spending a massive amount of engineering time and financial commitment to create a dual-freq implant when you can just implant two tags if you need dual frequency. Sure there is the small benefit of conserving space, but ultimately it would not be a good use of resources when there are so many other great things to put those resources toward.

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