Dumb questions, stuff I still am wondering

Here’s some really dumb questions I have. Although I did a lot of research on various topics I still have stuff I don’t understand.

What can xM1 emulate? If I read somewhere here on the forums that it’s rather difficult to find a chip that can change UID and therefore difficult to find tags that can clone a Ultralight tag, then what chips can be cloned to xM1?

What are some things that you had success cloning? I could clone my work badge to a xEM or xNEXT (it uses HID Prox II). But what else have you also had success with cloning?

With the xG3 magnet, where is that supposed to go in? I would guess the same place the X series RFID tags would go in, but what could you do with a magnet in between your thumb and pointer finger? I heard that it isn’t good for sensing, but how can you use it to lift if the magnet is in that place? And if it really isn’t good for sensing, will Dangerous Things ever go back to selling sensing magnets that can be implanted in the finger (with scalpel)?

Not at all

At least you tried

( VERY Briefly, Mifare Classic 1k which uses the S50 chip, it uses 4 byte ID , it is colloquially know as, any variation of Chinese Magic Backdoor)
I was going to answer this more fully , but I have provided the link, If you read through the product info, It should be pretty clear, If you need it,further info can be found by following the links at the very bottom.

If you have read all this, and still unsure, just come back and ask again. Myself or somebody else will do our best to answer it for you.

My work, but also some cheap chinese draw locks etc. plus a Push to start RFID system

I don’t have an xG3, so my comments can be taken with a pinch of salt, but there is no “One place” for them, I would refer you to @vicarious locations
1: neodymium magnet 2x1 mm with Sugru coating
2: xNT
3: m31
4: xEM in HID mode
5-7: m31
8: xBT
9: xEM in EM mode
10: xNT
11: flexNT
12: VivoKey Flex One (beta)
13: xM1 (the original Mifare Classic, without CMB)
14: xM1 (I had the original xM1+, but I’ve replaced it with the new and improved xM1 with CMB)
15: xLED LF
16: xLED HF
17: VivoKey Spark 1
18: VivoKey Special project - contactless payment implant
19: xG3: left tragus (not in the photo obviously)
20: xG3: right tragus (not in the photo obviously)
21: xLED LF
22: xG3

@Satur9 also has xG3s in his Traguses, Tragusi, Tragusseseses… Ear flaps…:ear:
and it really depends on what you are trying to achieve
Lifting, Most I have seen are wrist areas, blades and fingers
Sensing ( Mixed results ) but you would look for sensitive nerve clusters, like fingertips, Google , Miesners coupuscles

I can’t speak for Amal, but based on the capital investment required to get a batch of truly safe sensing magnets made they won’t be selling them any time soon. You’ll have to look elsewhere.

I’d go with Tragii. I only have it in one.

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To reinforce what @Satur9 said, and as far as “we” are aware, this is still Amals stance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpVJueHBSLU

I implanted an xG3 in the tip of my left ring finger and after a month I’m happy to report that it’s much better at sensing than I read it would be. Also really fun to play with

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Is that an Alex grey tattoo?

Thinking about ordering this to use for when I get my NExT instead of my blue cloner.
Is the software a free download? Do I half to use Linux? Or is there a windows version?

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Works with windows (and linux, MacOS), just got mine running on Win 10 today :+1:

Where do you recommend best place to get the software?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, somebody (still a newbie)

Iceman GitHub Repo. Iceman’s repo seems to be the most popular and recommended.

Make sure to read the instructions well, also the troubleshooting section is helpful. Mine screwed up at the flashing part and it wouldn’t communicate with the Proxmark. Thought I had bricked it :joy:

Took some persistence and searching but I eventually flashed it with a precompiled package of the official firmware with these instructions.

Probably try flashing Iceman’s repo on it at another point in time :ok_hand:


Iceman is the go to, definitely recommend flashing the firmware


Do you recommend me try to clone and program other cards and fobs to practice before I try and do my implant?

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Probably sensible and only a couple of bucks for some cards (If it doesn’t come with any) however in the same breath, If you can get repeatable good reads, you SHOULD be fine to write, but remember writing takes a little longer and you have to keep it still until the write is complete

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Do you know if there is any video tutorials

I would. That’s what I was trying to do and somehow my apartment key fob is dead haha

Oh no lol oh shit lol

Yes! Most Proxmark seller will send a few cards in the box, and it’s definitely a good idea to get the hang of it comfortably before you try and figure it out with your hand in an awkward pose and only one on the keyboard because you’re holding your other hand to the antenna.

I always try to make a working cloned card before I write to my implants, but that’s probably overkill


Well I ordered the proxmark 3 easy. With is cards and fobs. Like 60 bucks and it’s a seller with in the states so I should get it in 3 to 4 days hopefully since it’s not directly coming from China


Awesome, I hope it is not a drop-shipper…
I didn’t check your link, but did they offer flashing for you (Iceman fork)?

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