Edit/Cancel order

Hi! I just placed an order but thinking about it i want to add and buy more things. Any chance I can edit and the order? Or maybe just cancel it and i’ll make another one?
(also wrote an email to amal@dangerousthings.com)


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Click the orange help button on the shop site. That’s the DT bat signal.

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Never even noticed it. Thanks! Just sent the DT bat signal.

With you name, I’m hardly surprised :slight_smile:


Still no answer from anyone from the help button. Well i know it hasn’t been long but i’m just worried i won’t be able to edit my order or make a new one.

They’ll see it~ DT customer service is great, but they’re often super busy. Try not to fret!

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Yep we got your ticket via the help button. Michelle our fulfillment manager will handle your request later today.

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Thank you very much! Looking foward to order the deluxe NExT kit and the blue cloner and learn some interesting stuff!
Very friendly community and helpful too!