Electric Current vs nXT implant?

Hey y’all I um, was wondering if anybody has any experience getting shocked with an implant in?

Like, tased tbh. I just got my nXT in and it only just now occurred to me that I might have a slight problem if I get shocked too bad. I don’t want my hand to explode or something ya know?

eh i got impatient, so I did some experimenting

implant: right hand
tased: left hand
implant: still functional

tased: right forearm
implant: still functional

not gonna tase directly on the implant cuz I worry but, seems more or less safeish anywhere else fwiw


your flesh is much more conductive than the bioglass. Shouldn’t be an issue, and if there is a hit that does damage the implant, you probably will have larger issues to deal with.

awesome awesome good to know thankee. so i just wont go plugging myself into an electrical outlet or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Performing the real experiments. :stuck_out_tongue:

What a lad :joy:

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That’s awesome dude, good on you for trying that. I know I couldn’t. Just curious, is it an actual Taser-Taser (Axon branded like cops carry) or a stun gun?

lady technically but who’s counting

n yeah naw its one of those cheap mini mart stun guns powered by a 9-volt

since this post ive used it directly on the implant and its still working so thats neat