Electromagnetic Access Control

Hey everyone, so here is my issue. I work IT at my company so I have the ability to do a few projects at work to an extent. So we have an employee cafeteria that is provided free of charge to employees. There are two lanes of entrance, one through a gate that is held on with a magnetic lock, another is a turnstyle so they can count employees in and out. The issue I have is that the locks on these systems are not standard induction loop. We use a Kronos 4510 “Timeclocks” that have access control functions (One Controller Per Entrance, So 2 different ones). From what I can tell, the wire going to both gate access systems are coming off of the 5V and Out terminals that you can see circled in one of the pictures. I am looking for a way to get the xEM access controller V2 to trigger either of these devices. I am assuming I am going to have to find a way to simulate 5v going out when the xEM is triggered. I do not have access to get into the locking mechanism of the gates as those are handled by our property maintenance, we just manage the access control. Just wanted to pick some brains in case someone may have come across this.

Link to Photos


On the v2 can you not just feed 5v into the relay COM (white) and then when you scan push 5v out the NO (yellow). That is of course providing that is how the time clock functions.

If you have a multimeter probe those to terminals and check what happens when you clock in.

Looking at the pics just worth popping a diode on the out line so you cant feed power into the timeclock better safe than sorry

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I will definitely give this a try, going to bring the meter in to work tomorrow and do some more investigation.

Put the meter on the gate controller today. So at idle, it is at 0v, when I swipe, it puts out 5v across the red and black wire.