Emulating student id + schlage button without a proxmark?

hi friends!

so since my last forum post, I got two chips implanted!! one vivokey, one next. I’m wondering how I can emulate my student id (for entry into the library without digging around in my pockets) and my apartment key (it’s a schlage button…thing. not just a simple tag). Is there any way I can do this without buying a proxmark and subsequently going through the heck of dealing with said proxmark?

Any advice is appreciated!

It’s going to depend what your cards actually are.

Can you try scanning them with an app and your phone? NFC TagInfo by NXP is liked by several on here.

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As @zwack said

If you can’t get a scan, it could be a Low Frequency


Could you post a photo, please?
Is it something like either of these :man_shrugging:



In fact any photos of readers / fobs / cards etc. can often also help.
So any other photos you can post could help us to help you…

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