EMV Cloning/Research

So I’m becoming curious about EMV (presumably the right format?) cards, but not credit cards if that makes sense. Specifically, I’m curious about options to investigate things like laundry payment cards and such that use what appears to be a normal EMV chip in them.

Ideally, I’d love to clone them since it’s a little ridiculous to pay $5-10 each if it’s ever lost, but I’d also be interested in seeing what kind of information can be exposed and read from the device.

Likely it’s not EMV but something called a stored value card or e-purse. There is also a cipurse standard. Basically the idea is the card carries the value on it.

Do a search for stored value as I explained it in depth a couple times… somewhere on here hah.

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Here’s a “recent” one…I searched for laundry, because that’s the one I remembered


Ahhh, thank you both! I looked for EMV and I guess missed Amal’s post, and wouldn’t have found that one. Thank you!!!

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