Erm did i make a pricey booboo

Hey guys,

Long shot here… but worth asking.

My chips (xSIID + xEM) will arrive next week.

The access system here is cheap and most likely quite old… last night i finally figured out how to get a read from my phone on the fob i have. (NFC was off Doh!! :upside_down_face:) anyway… looks like it has a MIFARE Classic (MF1S50)… any chance of me cloaning this to either of those chip’s or am i skipping the impants and buying yet another chip? (Not that i can find an M1 for love nor money).

I need to do access before i do payments processing and i really want the payment chip.

It will depend on the reader and what it’s looking for

There are some devices that will read a mifare classic or an ntag and only care about the uid

But not a lot of them

You said it’s really old, have you tried to LF scan it?

Typically really old means LF… which your phone wouldn’t have just in case you were thinking that

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I just paid the import duty etc etc on it…

DHL Intl said next wed for delivery (maybe before. DHL are solid in france).

Once the kit shows up i’ll try the Proxmark3 to scan the chip in the fob and i guess we will see from their… i mean worst case i can buy a second fob… but i was hoping to replace the one we have (lost the other) with my hand.

I’ll post the read out from Proxmark once it arrives.

The reader itself is a VIGIK T25 as part of a AIPhone intercom system.

What is the reader for? Work housing etc

It opens the gate to the compound where my bungalow is.

This is the unit in question. It’s sold as a pack with x4 intercom phones, the buzzer and the VIGIK is an add-on for a few bucks.

Based on the S/N i could pull from the intercom… this is the unit… (I think this is a V2 - but mine isn’t - my reader had no v2 marking like i’m seeing elsewhere)

Best stab at the reader itself - Golmar THEXALT2 | Centrale de contrôle d'accès VIGIK/résidents autonome mono-porte | Rexel France

Totally autonomous control unit for managing a door
Autonomous management of 1500 T HEXA CLE series badges
Possibility of programming badges on 10 control units
Up to 30 VIGIK® services
Programming of badges independently or with encoder
Removable backup memory
Ability to duplicate a barrel number
12 to 15 Vac or 10 to 20 Vdc power supply

Tag Info:

# IC type:
MIFARE Classic (MF1S50)

-- NDEF ------------------------------

# No NDEF data storage present:
Maximum NDEF storage size after format: 716 bytes

-- EXTRA ------------------------------

# Memory size:
1 kB
* 16 sectors, with 4 blocks per sector
* 64 blocks, with 16 bytes per block

# TagInfo Version:
Version :4.25.5

# Device Info:
Device Model :samsung ( SM-G991B )
Android OS Version :13

-- FULL SCAN ------------------------------

# Technologies supported:
MIFARE Classic compatible
ISO/IEC 14443-3 (Type A) compatible
ISO/IEC 14443-2 (Type A) compatible

oh vigik? no chance

even excluding the fact vigik tend to use the blocks properly you cant change the xsiid’s uid to match and even if you could the i2c+ has a 7 byte uid and the vigik mfc are 4byte so you’ve got the wrong length uid.

your only hope would be to enroll it but that’s not happening in this case

Looks like i’m picking up a 4 euro tag and setting that up then.
Bah that’s annoying i could have used the funds diff and get the payment chip


It’s not left the USA yet, lets see if i can kick it back.

Would any of the available implantable fit my use-case here?

Update: Yeah DHL have agreed to bounce it back. @amal - I’ve mailed you guys to try sort something out :slight_smile:

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