Existing scar tissue and magnetic responsiveness

So I have a childhood scar almost where I plan to put one of my Titan magnets. I know other forum members have a little scar tissue from previous magnet installs.

What is the likely effect on magnetic sensation?

I think I can install just a little ahead of the scar. Are there any other mitigation strategies? Can the scar tissue be excised? Especially the scar tissue from prior installs.

When I had my first finger magnet removed, it had a thick encasement of scar tissue. Luckily it came out with the magnet after a bit of cutting around and the use of a larger magnet for extraction. You can excise old scar tissue, which for me conveniently left a larger pocket to install a bigger magnet.

Honestly for a previous injury, I don’t think it’s necessary. I still have a bunch of scarred flesh all around and inside my magnet area and I still get great sensation. Scar tissue doesn’t get in the way. The only thing I would worry about is deep burns where the nerves are dead, or some extensive tissue damage that made you lose feeling in that area.