Expanding VivoKey Spark's usage to the broader web

Hello is just a WebAuthN capable platform authenticator.

It doesn’t “enter a saved password”. It actually very nicely does a few things that make it near impossible to clone. As this isn’t an Apex thread I won’t touch on our WebAuthN capabilities, but can you show us how you use your Spark to do so?

I didnt used the spark for logging in to FB or Gmail, since i didnt find any instructions by vivokey how to set the api up,
i figured that programming background is needed, so i need a friend to do me a favor setting all up.

I used one of Windows Hellos features, on Edge browser,

It remembers your website/service password.
But it inserts it only after reading the pin.

I used the good old kbr1

Do you have to have a corporate account? or just a paid one? It’s about time I pick up some M$ skills. I might be able to point my M$ account authorization at Google or Vivokey, and extend it’s usage over to windows sign-ins too.

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Its a corparete account , i asked our IT guy to make sure all the account syncs are working (i am bad at this)… to see what is the full potentcial of Windows Hello.

What about a short guide…?
Maybe you can write us a short summery where to start? And what goes next? :pray: :innocent:

Ah! You’re using Windows Hello with a PIN. Yeah, that’s an option.

if you’re trying to upload a video you have to wait for it to fully load before hitting submit.

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I ruined my phone… anyway, here is a youtube link to what i described before.

Thats Edge browser.