Expiry date on unimplanted implants?

I have 3 unimplanted DT implants that I’ll be keeping around until I find a meaningful use for them. One is a Flex-type in a plastic baggie with chlorhexidine, one is a glass tag in a small plastic sample vial also full of chlorhexidine, one is in an injector in a sealed packaging.

The implants themselves will probably be fine for many years. I’m not so sure about the packaging though: do they fail over time? Does the chlorhexidine evaporate over time?

I kept my doNExT about 2 months in the plastic baggie before having it implanted, and I could swear the chlorhexidine level inside the baggie had dropped to almost nothing: when I got it in the mail, it was sloshing around in the stuff. When I brought it to my piercer on d-day, it was barely wet.

As for the one in the injector, that one concerns me the least. Still, is there something inside that could go bad over time? Like the lubricant or something?

Finally, in the case of the Flex implant, will the biopolymer “dry up” and get brittle the way silicone does over a long period of time if it’s not in contact with something liquid - be it the chlorhexidine that has vanished from the baggie, or my meat?

Of course, that’s only if I store them long-term. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them before too long, but maybe not - and if chlorhexidine is as volatile as I suspect, I might have to hurry up.

As per Amal, the chlorhexidine solution is mostly alcohol. Depending on the storage conditions alcohol can evaporate through a plastic bag. The chlorhexidine itself is still coating the implant though, so it’s still doing its job.

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Okay. What are proper storage conditions then? Keeping them in the fridge perhaps?

This will last… well, forever, basically. As long as you don’t get the paper wet.

I’ve had this occur too, from a sealed vial, and a bag. However, it is still okay, as the item has been cleaned by said chlorhex/alcohol.

I’ve had to revise the “squish pack” sealing process… the older pack sealing method left an “escape route” for alcohol vapor (but not liquid), and that has since been solved.

Even though we use blood sample vials with rubber o-rings, alcohol vapor will still slowly escape these containers. You can put it into the freezer if you want to try to keep things longer as the lower temp will reduce evaporation… but eventually the tube will “dry out” as well. Luckily, the inside of the tube will remain pretty much “clean” until you open it… so even if it does dry out, it should be ok. If you have doubts, fill it up with isopropyl 70% and let sit for 48 hours and you’re back in business.

Nope… the poly is good wet or dry :slight_smile:

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Also FYI if you haven’t seen it

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Very groovy, thanks. I stand reassured :slight_smile:

As a QA guy, your attention to the quality process never ceases to amaze me - particularly for such a small company. That’s one of the reasons I keep buying stuff from you (and not using it, apparently :slight_smile:)

Hmm, I think not. I know what temperature extremes do to electronics - particular solder joints. The products we sell at work are tested from -42C to +65C, and it’s amazing how hard this is on the electronics.

I’ll just keep the implants at room temperature if they’ll be fine re germs.

Aaand… I hadn’t seen it. Didn’t check the FAQ, shoulda done that first. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Considering the stuff we sell could have significant impacts to one’s health… I take QA very seriously.

True… but a slow reduction to 20F or whatever your freezer it set at (and not thermally cycling them too much) is not all that insane… and keep in mind one of our stress tests was tossing chips into liquid nitrogen… 10 out of 10 chips testing in LN₂ came out alive and kicking :slight_smile:

But of course this is the case so no need for freezing.


Yeah but not everybody in this fledgling, essentially unregulated cottage industry is that considerate. It’s good to know someone is trying to do the Right Thing[tm] without the threat of a state inspector.


So @anon3825968 has DT made your “Short List” yet?

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It has for a while, at least as much as the time I’ve known DT for allows. I haven’t known Amal for a decade and a half, and he hasn’t invited me to his place yet :slight_smile:

I would have demonstrated it by backing up the TItan. Sadly I have no interest in sensing magnets. I would’ve if I had though - and believe me, it would takes a lot to convince me to drop money on a kickstarter again.

But consider this: I have two hand-crafted implants made by the same craftsman inserted in my body. I even paid extra for the privilege of having one of them specially designed. If that’s not trust, I don’t know what is.

As much as I trust my velomobile manufacturer, I’ve never implanted one of his bike (altought I did put my life in the hands of his design by bombing downhill at 70+ mph more than a few times :slight_smile:)