Failure is ALWAYS and option ☹

Dear friends,

There are usually posts on here about people first implants or the 2nd, or 20th+ for some :smile:, written with excitement and rightfully so.

Alas, today, I wish to post of a failure. Sadly, tried as I might, I could not complete the install of the xG3.

Part of the reason, obviously, is that this was a self install attempt, and part of it was simple misfortune.
While the pain is quite high, it’s not something you can’t overcome.

Sadly the placement, left ring finger, just would could not hold it together and the tissue began to give away before the needed depth was reached for the magnet. I considered creating a new incision further up and connecting to the pocket that was already made but at that time I would just be creating too much trauma to the area and made the decision to stop.

The thought had crossed my mind about altering the location of the implant but even my body was reacting to the trauma as Adrenalin had tanked at this stage.

Unfortunately there is no “Sad” category to put this post in here is will lay… or until @Pilgrimsmaster finds a better place for it I guess :laughing:

I’m just glad I made curry before I started the procedure, I’m gonna go make rice now.


It’s not a failure inasmuch as you made the right choice to stop before doing damage. That shows intelligence right there.


Oh man! I am sorry to hear that it did not go as planned but Rosco is right. You did the right thing to stop before you could hurt yourself. Also very smart to make food before… but I might be alone in the whole “something didn’t go as planned let me eat the feels” as a bad habit category haha.

You will get it next time! I am excited to hear how it goes. I just joined the community so the whole doing it yourself thing is… point blank horrifying to me when I imagine doing it hahaha… but you guys are braver than I and I commend your strength lol.


As I like telling my siblings’ children. You don’t learn by being right all the time, you learn by getting things wrong and retrying, and there will be another attempt later down the line. :metal:


I did a bit of planning ahead with the food alright.

On the upside, I do still have an xM1, Spark 2 and a second NExT that I will be installing at a later date. Those are all going into spots that I have no issue with.

Sadly the xG3 was the more interesting one, both with placement and utility.

While I did have to dispose of the injector, I have saved the implant itself. When I later get an Apex Flex, whenever that will be, I’ll bring the magnet and see about having it installed professionally. I currently have it in a solution to clean and stored in the capsule that the xLED orientation testers come in.

Many that is so intense to me but I just got a reply from the person who installs by me and he wants 150 a chip or if I do a bundle 500… so starting to see why people learn to do it on their own. I weirdly just can’t. I have a lot of piercings and those didn’t scare me but the going under my skin makes me feel unnerved or antsy. Makes my skin crawl thinking of watching it go in. Idk if that makes sense haha.

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Honestly, a self install into the finger sounds horrible. I don’t blame you for backing down.


I paid 100 dollars for my install. Self install creeps me out a little bit. Not if you do it, but if I tried it.

That said, it was worth every penny to have someone knowledgeable do it. If, (big IF) I were to self install later, I’d feel way more comfortable having already been through the process.

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This sounds like it deserves its own post.:wink:

Man that ordeal sucks, but it sounds like you made the correct decision.

Heal well my friend :adhesive_bandage:


Had my xNT installed by a nurse and learned very quickly self installs were not for me :laughing: but good on you for knowing when to stop. As Rosco said not a failure but a learning experience.