Favorite nfc door locks

What is everyone using and with what tags?

I guess let’s make this the general thread for door locks?

Anyone know if the xNT will work with the Samsung rim locks?

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I like the Ultraloq locks from U-Tec. Specifically the combo pack that includes the door lock and deadbolt. One of the nice things is the size. Unlike most of the Samsung, the Ultraloq can replace a normal door handle and still leave plenty of room for a low deadbolt. On my door the deadbolt and the door lock were very close together. Too close to use a Samsung lock which extends too far upwards from the handle.

The lock itself works very well. It can be opened via app (Bluetooth or WiFi), fingerprint, or RFID. Although U-Tec officially says they don’t support any third-party RFID fobs, the lock works very well with any NTAG or Mifare Classic chip. It only reads the UID, so I’m pretty sure that any RFID chip that spits out at least a 4 byte UID will work. The WiFi functionality requires a third device (Ultraloq Bridge). It’s really only worth it if you need to give guess access. For example, I have it set up so that my dog walker can open the lock with his phone, but only during a two hour window during the day. A friend uses her’s for easy AirBnB guest check-ins.

The read rage is descent for an xNT and I’m sure would be really good for a flexNT. If you have the xNT installed in the webbing between thumb and index finger, it feels almost natural. I’ve been using the lock for six months or so now and opening it with my chip has become second nature.

The other nice thing is that when paired with a deadbolt, the handle and the deadbolt communicate. Lifting up on the handle will lock the deadbolt, so you can lock it on the way out.

The only downside is the cost. The combo is now $340. I think I paid $250 for a pre-order version.

Here is an older post I made with a more detailed reivew