FCC Registration

It seems there are several wireless-producing devices available through dangerousthings.com
Are these devices FCC registered? Do they need to be?
Devices in question:

XEM Cloner

XEM Access Controller



do you need to be?:slight_smile:

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The way I understand it, the FCC regulations are in place to avoid interference from wireless devices on public PBX switches and whatnot. The implants, and all other NFC equipment for that part, should not be a problem due to their passive nature and minimal range.
As for the access control, same regulations (i.e. barely any) should be in place as for other tag systems, like access cards at workplaces.

In other words, NFC has very little to do with radio communications and inference at any level; you should be fine ^^

/ A happy, not-very-American, radio amateur

EDIT: And as for the closer, I believe @amal has ceased sales in wait for a replacement product?