Feasibility questions from a newbie

Hey! I’m thinking about getting the Ultron package for my first dip into implants and just wanted to confirm the feasibility of my ideas.
I’m planning to use the Spark (right hand webbing) for higher security access control uses such doors, vehicles, various phone and computer logins. If anyone has personal experience with their own smart-locks I’d love to see more recommended options!
As for the NExT(left hand webbing), I’d like to use the xEM side to try emulating various Id’s and secondary access control. One concern of mine is can I clone multiple loyalty cards or access cards(for example)? and if I were to clone a loyalty card could I still use the xEM to open something like DangerousThings ventsafe?
I think I’ll use the xNT side for “Party tricks” such as providing Wi-Fi access, contact info, and triggering Gif’s but I’m unsure about the logistics of using a single chip for multiple NFC applications.

Please let me know if anything here wouldn’t work, or if it could work by shuffling the tasks I have in mind to different chips. Or any other information a neophyte like me might find useful!
Thanks for your help!

You can only clone one tag to an xEM. You could enroll that tag in more than one system, but if you had a situation where you had two buildings with different tags, and you did not have access or permission to enroll a tag into those systems, you would only be able to clone one of the tags to the xEM.

Also consider that xEM has multiple modes, so if you had a building you wanted to clone a tag for, and that building used HID prox cards, your cloned xEM would be in HID mode. That means even if you had a system you could enroll your own tag, (such as the xEM controller), you wouldn’t be able to do it as it won’t read HID tags.

I’ve never seen loyalty cards cloned. But that’s just me. But the above holds true. You can only clone one card to one xEM. But you can enroll that xEM into multple systems (assuming you have access). Cloning is only needed when you don’t have access or permission to enroll your own tag to a specific system.

The spark, if just using the UID for access, isn’t any more secure than the xEM or xNT. It’s also a ISO15693 tag so depending on what you re doing, the reader may or may not be compatible (as opposed to the xNT which is ISO14443A).

Bottom line is you should get the correct implant for what you want to do/ the system you want to use it with, not get a bunch of implants and hope they do what you want. There is no one size fits all.

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Thanks! That information cleared a few things up.

The only use that I’m dead-set on is unlocking my own doors. Beyond that I’m interested in the Ultron bundle for it’s value and how I’ll be able to get hands on experience with a variety of tags.