Fiddling with my implant

So i fiddle, i have ADHD and am a very anxious person.

So i’m almost certain i will fiddle with my implant when it’s finished healing.

Is this a problem? should a set it in place first? or is it fine as long as i dont go pushing it too hard all around my hand?

If i know i really shouldent fiddle with it, i will be able to stop myself. But id love to know if i dont have to worry about that at all.

so once mine healed I played with it. Its not the best from what I heard but it still healed fine. Im not saying it will be fine or not just my experiences.

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Sounds like you should probably splint it and take pre-natal vitamins to speed along the encapsulation process.
Definitely better to leave it alone.


I’ve had an implant for a couple of years. I dont have ADHD but i do feel i fiddle with it quite a bit. After getting it, i left it alone. But played with it a few weeks later and get a few sharp pinches. Further left alone and now play with it during meetings, thinking, etc. with no problems. It hasn’t migrated either. But of course, YMMV.


Thank you! i will definitely be leaving it to heal fully!

Had my NExT for going on six weeks. I use it every day for door and computer access without even thinking about it. The only time I mess with it is to push it up from below to show others. I’m actually kinda surprised how quickly and easily I assimilated it into the collective “me”.


Under the skin, implanted stuff tolerates fiddling way better than, say, piercings.

That being said, give it time to heal and don’t over pick it


I toy with mine a lot too. They’re actually decently locked in a few hours after implantation. Not that I would push really hard but nevertheless it’s definitely solid in my experience. After that just stop if you get a sharp pain.


I don’t play with my implants too often but do check on them while sitting around in meetings and such. with 5 implants I like to ensure that they are relatively in the area that I implanted them.
So far 4 of 5 have remained where implanted but my xDF2 chip has migrated away from the knife edge of my left hand and now sits at my wrist. Sometimes when I check on it it’s on the hand side of my wrist joint and other times its on the arm side of the joint. After migrating my xDF2 actually moves back and forth on its own about 3 inches so I have to check on it more often to keep it within that area now.