Fidesmo MDES / Vivokey?

I noticed this article on Fidesmo’s webpage. Although I can’t read Swedish, the machine translation seems to get across that they made a partnership with Mastercard to allow their NFC products to be used to pay with? Is this correct, and if so will this functionality be available on the Vivokey(on release or in the near future?)

Fidesmo did make a deal, but that’s about 15% of the way toward success. Because they have a deal does not mean that VivoKey automatically has one… it just means because we’re partnered with them that we “have a buddy” in the system… but that’s about it. The bottom line is and always will be that the head honchos at MasterCard and Visa will respectively need to agree to allow VivoKey specifically to operate on their networks… which is what we have been trying to accomplish for a long time. I honestly think it will have to come down to specific people within those companies moving on to other jobs and hopefully the incoming people will see things differently. Until then, we continue to try.

Ah. I was under the impression the VivoKey was the same chip/could run all the same apps as any of the other Fidesmo products.

That is correct. It’s never been about the technology. I’ve had a prototype sitting here that can talk to payment terminals for over a year. It’s all about permission, and MC/Visa are not giving it.