Fidesmo, mobile payments and Vivokey Flex One

Hey there,

I just had some quick questions on an application of fidesmo with the vivokey flex one implant. I’ve read the webpage for mobile payments on implants several times before. However, I recently found that fidesmo has reached an agreement with Mastercard, which was recently incorporated into Fidesmo/Mastercard platforms such as the Kronaby watch, which, as far as I read, would allow for contactless payments. I was just wondering if this agreement would be applicable to the vivokey flex one or if that agreement would only be associated with certain fidesmo-based platforms. And if not applicable with the flex one at the moment, could there be a possibility for fidesmo to reach an accord with Mastercard or Visa that could enable the use of mobile payment-based applets on the flex one or later generations of the flex one?

EMV payment is a multi-headed beast. Fidesmo definitely needed to get set up with PCI compliant secure facilities and arrange a relationship with MasterCard, but it is still the relationship between MasterCard and VivoKey that matters… and they are still not on board with implanted payment solutions… so we’re trying to be patient and slowly worm our way into the shiny apple that is MasterCard.

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