FIDO two-factor authentication?

Do any of these implants function as 2FA dongles yet? I mean, you could implant a Yubikey 5 after coating it in medical grade silicone, but that would be … suboptimal. And huge.

I wonder if you guys could partner with Yubico to come up with an implantable form factor for a Yubikey 5?

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The VivoKey Flex One will be able to do this. YubiCo is not interested in partnering with us since we’re developing our own… and with more openness to install whatever java card apps you want… even develop your own!

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also… those chips those swedes are getting are xNT :slight_smile: … well, at first they were… now they go to a local guy who knocked off our stuff… but still NTAG216… VivoKey will be the answer.


So would the answer be no if I asked…

Can the xNT work with the YubiKey Neo??

“work with” … how would two NFC tags work together? I think you mean “be used as”… and correct the answer is no. You will want to keep an eye on the VivoKey project.

The FIDO two-factor authentication is not working in my windows 10 and also getting the error code 0x80004005. I also try on windows error code 0x80004005 for the help purpose but did not get any response.

Mu hunch is you just googled and found this thread and posted on it because it talked about FIDO… this is a forum for people with computer chip implants… not a Windows help forum. Do you have a chip implant?

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Hey, i know this thread is a bit old at this point, but i’d really like to have FIDO capability under my skin, and have a few questions. The Flex One hasn’t been released yet, right? Does the Spark 2 not offer this functionality? The flexDF2 should have on device key generation capabillities, as far as i understood, so shouldn’t it be possible to configure it for FIDO? I don’t really care about any other functionality.

You, like the rest of us, are waiting for the VivoKey Apex.

Sparks and DESFires can’t do that, Apex can do anything though.

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Ah i see. So i guess for me it doesn’t make sense to buy any chip yet. Thanks for your quick response.

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