Finally getting ready for my first implant!

Hey DT family. After several years of being offset of the gang I’ve finally gotten up the courage to splash out on an implant. I bought the tester card and brought it to work (ID badge) and to my local gym (which uses keycard entry) and found that work uses a Low-frequency while the gym uses high frequency. This has me kindof stumped.

I need a recommendation for a chip that can store both a high and low frequency ID simultaneously so I don’t need to reprogram the chip each time with my phone lol

Please help!
(If it’s one of the LED implants, that’s bonus)

Chips are either high frequency or low frequency, you can’t reprogram them to change this. In other words, you’ll need two chips. (there’s an implant that has both but check compatibility first)

If you can, use something like a Proxmark to find out the exact chips used in those systems. If you have a phone with NFC, you can use the NFC TagInfo app on your gym card. But do note that phones don’t support low frequency.

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You’re looking at the NExT
It’s both a low and a high in the same capsule

The low frequency side is pretty easy and almost guaranteed to be compatible

The high side, it’s worth noting you aren’t capable of “copying/cloning” an existing is onto the chip

You’ll need to convince the gym to scan your chip and associate it with your account

Make sure you’re aware of how the HF stuff works before you pull the trigger

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So there are a couple of suggestions so far,

Before we can confirm the best implant for you, you need to do this :arrow_up: and share the info here :arrow_down:

For the LF sid

Are there any markings on the card / fob or reader?
Upload a picture or two if you can