Finding a Proxmark3 Easy

Hi, I’m looking for a Proxmark3 Easy but how do I know that what I am looking for is a legit Proxmark and not a knockoff. I would like to find one on amazon instead of aliexpress so it doesn’t take 5 years to get here.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Proxmark 3 Easy’s, in themself, are a “knockoff”. It’s an open-source board, anyone can make a Proxmark, but the Easy was originally made by Elechouse as a cheaper alternative for Mainland China - it drops some of the amps i think? Any one you buy from Amazon or Aliexpress will be “fake”, but the hardware is still fine.

as @fraggersparks said it will be a knockoff, but it is a proven product from this link

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Thats all I was worried about I just want to make sure what I’m getting won’t fry my chip.

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I got the 50usd one from Amazon and it’s worked just fine, finding the right angle to read and write your chip is the difficult part, that and programming. I used the windows GUI and it’s been fairly simple to use, I recommend flashing it to Iceman’s fork its so far the most versatile.

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Is the flashing / installation process fairly simple on Windows? I only have a MacBook Pro and it really pushed the limits of my skill level getting the damn thing to work. I had to skip several steps due to errors that I didn’t really understand. In the end I could get a few commands to work, but the “lf hid clone xxxxx” wouldn’t give me any confirmation, just a blank prompt. Apparently it worked though, because my xEM did actually get cloned. I got my pm3 easy on aliexpress and it took nearly 4 months to arrive.

IDK what it’s like using a Mac but Windows flashing can be simplified using precompiles. Might help?

PM3 Easy - Easy Windows 10 Firmware Flashing Guide

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If anyone is having problems or questions setting up with a Mac there is a good tutorial here by @identity

Which Proxmark from Amazon did you buy? I’ve seen the AliExpress one mentioned several times on this forum as being quite reliable. Is the one from Amazon made by the same seller PiSwords?

Mine was by a company called kkmoon. It works just fine.

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Damn, wish I would have seen this before, would already have it with Amazon prime. Instead I ordered the one on AliExpress and who knows when it’ll get here