Finding someone to install the Titan in Northern California

I bought the Titan and would like to have it in my finger (though I’m open to placing it elsewhere). I looked up a person on this website named Nikki Fisher in San Jose, but she says she only does injectables. She referred me to another shop nearby that would do it. I am trying to make an appointment. He said he would do it, but seemed uncomfortable with doing so because of its size and the possibility of rejection resulting therefrom.

So does anyone know of any other shop in Northern California that would do it?

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This might be worth a try, it’s from the Walletmor website, so flexes not magnets, but also Not Not Magnets :wink:

I know nothing about Californian installers, but hey, welcome to the forum!

I was also looking for an installer in Northern California, but the best option that I found was taking an Amtrak train to Salt Lake City to see Dustin Robbins at Enso Piercing (on the Dangerous things partner map).

I texted them recently from the number on their website asking how many Titan magnets they have installed and they said quote,

“Quite a few actually. I’m not sure the exact number Dustin has done total but in the last 3 years of working here I’ve seen him do quite a few and have met people he had done them in previously.”

So they seem like the best option for Northern California residents for magnet installs and I’ll probably be headed there in around November.

I will be watching this thread heavily to see if anything closer comes up though.


That sounds like an idea. I wonder how much he costs, though. The whole round train trip seems like it will cost about $200-250. I’ll need to have some money saved up.

Then again, I also have a car. I could just drive there.

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When I texted them, they said that the injectable magnet install was $100 but an install for the Titan was $200.

I had also considered driving there myself, but I figured it probably wasn’t a good idea to drive such a long distance with a healing hand wound while under the influence of painkillers :wink: If you’re driving, I’d consider taking someone with you so they can drive back safely.

If it’s helpful, I noticed that the price of the train reduces somewhat if you start from Reno to Salt Lake City and then SLC back to Reno rather than somewhere like Sacramento so you could always figure out transportation to and from Reno.

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So my current 9/10 drunk ass just saw “North Carolina” and was gonna refer you to the shop that I have an appointment at for my installs. :joy: :rofl

Either way…welcome! Enjoy the brotherhood!

Who was the guy who said he would do it but seemed uncomfortable?