Finding someone to install the Titan?

Given that the world is slowly headed to opening up a bit again, it’s about time I start obsessing over how to get this shiny new Titan jammed into my finger. The piercer that did my other implants isn’t really wanting to deal with scalpel related things (which is fair enough), so I could use a recommendation for someone in Ottawa… or Toronto maybe… or at least within a few hours drive or something…

Anyone got some sweet recommendations or ideas for me?

Russ Foxx is opening a new studio in Barrie called Ninja Cyborg, I think he’ll be back and forth from BC every 2 months or so and there will be other staff there as well. That might be an option if there’s nothing closer to Ottawa :thinking:


that would be a doable drive if I need to… good to know. thanks!

Are you open to going to Montreal?

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Montreal wouldn’t be too bad… Though I generally don’t enjoy driving through the city haha