Finish the command?

I’m trying to clone my zipcar rfid card to my magic ring

To clone it it says to insert this command.

What I have for the clone command:

lf awid clone --fmt 40 --fc ? --cn ?

What do I put for the ?

You should double check that LF reading… could be noise / garbage. Is it the same ID consistently?

Also I would bed that the Zipcar card is actually HF… check it with hf search

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You did notice that it claims the AWID length is 40 but the clone command offers lengths of 26, 34, 37 or 50?

I would bet that that is spurious data.

cc: @amal

AWID 40 len does exist it’s just trickier to encode onto T5577s but you can do it by splitting the raw down 3 ways and writing it to the blocks directly
block 1: 01241111
block 2: 81b1818d
block 3: 1d111111

edit: adding to this with the commands for @CitizenTen

lf t55 write -b 0 -d 00107060 --r0
lf t55 write -b 1 -d 01241111 --r0
lf t55 write -b 2 -d 81b1818d --r0
lf t55 write -b 3 -d 1d111111 --r0

heres the output i get from that, as you can see theyre exact copies, write these commands to your t5577 and youll have a copy of that weird awid adjacent card


Looks like it. Yes.

Thanks! Though where does the 00107060 from the first block come from?

its the nopassword config, for setting the awid

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did it work?

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