Firmware Mismatch for PM3Easy

I’m struggling to understand what I’m missing.

For context, I purchased the PM3Easy from DT. Following the git instructions, I recompiled the firmware for my client and the PM3.

What I didn’t do was set the PLATFORM=PM3GENERIC in the Makefile.Platform. So now my PM3 is flashed with the RDV4 firmware.

As I understand, I should be able to correct the platform file, and recompile using make clean && make -j (As per the git instructions), and then pm3-flash-all.

The PM3 still works, however it doesn’t appear to change the firmware, as hw version still shows the device firmware mismatch.

I’ve seen others say you need your client to match with your firmware, but the git seems to contradict this:

The client doesn’t depend on the capabilities of the Proxmark3 it’s connected to. So you can use the same client for different Proxmark3 platforms, given that everything is running the same version.

Is there something I’m missing, or understanding incorrectly?

I was able to resolve with some aid from the Discord.

after compiling the correct firmware, I had to run ./pm3-flash-bootrom and ./pm3-flash-fullimage.

I was using ./pm3-flash-all, but that didn’t take for whatever reason.

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