First Implant: I'm a little stuck

So here is my story so far. Took me a while to find someone to do the install, did exactly what I wasn’t supposed to do, I started emailing shops. Three shops shot me down then I sent an email to one shop with the attachments about the professional install and one of the piercing artists called me right away. Got my NExT implant today went really smoothly. I really want to use it for access at work, I used my dangerous things card on the scanner at work so I know it is 125khz, are there any apps I can use to read my fob from work its a grey tear drop shape and no app I can find will read it.

Sorry buddy you won’t be able to use any phone apps to read it as phones use NFC to communicate with implants but only on high frequency yours is low frequency.
However TagInfo you will be able to read and write onto your high frequency side of your NExT

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Have a quick read through this wiki and then ask if there’s anything else you not sure about.

That is potentially good news, but we will need a little more information around the system your work uses.

is a good start, but a little generic to give you any firm answers.
Depending on what you have access to, will depend on what approach you should take.
Do you have access to or a relationship with the system admin?
If so, and you think they will be receptive to you using an implant, try explaining to them what you are try to achieve.
Remember to gather some knowledge so you can confidently and accuratley explain how it works and there is NO security risk, infact, less because there is more chance you will loose tag than your hand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
If they are happy to allow you to enroll your NExT, try scanning on a reader, because of the antenna in a NExT you will need to find the optimal spot for a good “read” use your x Field Detector to find that spot and orientation ( brightest :bulb: , then scan your NExT in the same place and orientation ( take note of how the reader reacts also the time and location). Then check to see if it “shows up” on the access system, best case scenario, it will still deny you access but it should hopefully show a denied access with your NExT - xEM UID, and this is what, the system admin can use to enroll your NExT into the system.
If not, it may require the NExT to be in a different mode…we will deal with that if we need to.

Is there anything written on the tag itself, or on the readers?
can you ask the system admin what the make / model / software the access system is?

I am presuming you don’t have a Proxmark, if you do or have access to one, this may be even easier.

Anyway, do some research, get us some more information, and let us know and myself or somebody else will try and help you through the next stage.

If you get stuck or at any stage unsure about what to do next, just ask

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Yes, this is exactly how I did it at my company. We had a maintenance for our badge scanners/system and the guy came to fix it and I knew who he was from a previous visit. Once I found out the direction to make it beep on the readers, I asked him can he see if he can read it [the uid) then I asked can he add it to my entry code…he said yes and bam! I have to kinda rotate my hand in a weird way but it works.