First implant questions

Hi I’m new to this and I have just a few questions.
Out of the many products listed on here I genuinely don’t know which one to go with. I’m not computer savvy and don’t have any prior programming knowledge but I do want to have a chip that allows me to share contact info, unlock my car and that sort of thing. Also I saw something called a walletmor and that looks cool for payment but is there a chip that does it all in one? I just need to know how to program it to do what I want it to do. Thank you

There’s no such thing as an all in one chip. For contact info, I’d recommend a NExT as it has two chips in a single implant. You’d only the high frequency side at first but having a low frequency chip can widen your choices in the future.

Many people have made DIY solutions for starting their cars with low frequency chips. Search the forum, I’m sure that you’ll get some inspiration from what others have made.

However, if you have a newer Tesla, things are a lot easier as those cars already support RFID.

I would recommend a NExT as it has both HF (nfc) and LF chips. The HF side can store your contact details or a web link to them. Depending on how you wire up your car (as in what reader you install), it can be used for that as well. The LF can also be used for the car, again depending on what frequency reader you install. The LF side can also be used to emulate a lot of low security fobs/cards.

Unfortunately it can’t be used cor payments. In that regard you need the walletmor or a custom conversion. The APEX can technically do payments but at this stage neither VISA or MasterCard are onboard with using the implants on their respective networks.

I am in the same boat as OP, but I do have a Tesla(along with a few other cars that use keyless entry) and have been considering which options I have.
I know the TeslaFlex is the quickest way for a Tesla, but would the NExT work as well? Or am I looking at an Apex Flex?
I have some other plans for a key fob and RFID access in my other cars, but I’m shelving that for now.

The Apex will work with your Tesla and it supports a bunch of other features that the TeslaFlex does not. Including NDEF for things like sharing contact information, links, etc…

The NExT will not work with the Tesla.

Sweet, thank you! I still have no idea what else I want to do with an implant, and can’t decide if I should just wait for the TeslaFlex to come back in stock, or get the Flex and do the doors in my home, and work on other projects.

Well, if you go down the road and get a new flex, the Apex is the better option.
It can do the Tesla and many more things, while the TeslaFlex can only do the Tesla and both are the same size/effort


Fair enough. I’m kind of debating between getting some key cards and trying to make my own implant to keep it budget minded, or just pulling the trigger on the Flex. Money is a bit of a concern, not in the sense that I can’t afford the higher end option, just that I won’t be able to take full advantage of it, and likely don’t need the other features just yet.

Hard pass

You can easily extract the chip and do random projects with it, assuming you know how to make and tune and antenna

But turning it into an implant? That’s a lot more of a Pandora’s box

Making it in a way that’s biocompatible, safe, robust, works, is sterile, and doesn’t cause biofouling is going to cost waaay more than just buying an implant

You do you, but that’s not a way to save a buck

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