Flashing proxmark3 help - confusing wording

Hey guys. Trying to get my proxmark3 set up so I can copy over my work badge; I’m reading the instructions on github that is linked in the Proxmark how-to posted by @Pilgrimsmaster but the wording is throwing me off since I’ve never used github. Can someone knowledgeable DM me so I can ask a quick question?

Thanks in advance

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If it is something I can clarify, or if I have put incorrect information in there, I am keen and happy to make it clearer or correct. Feel free to ask here if you want. There are a few Proxmark Gurus :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂ on here, that should be able to answer you.
Is there a part in particular you need help with?
reading / writing?

If you want, you can DM me with your question, although I am far from a ProxMark expert, but I can at least try and help


No fault of yours Pilgrim. I was just confused on one part but figured it out. Just a comprehension error is all.

Good stuff, I know it is like reading a foreign language sometimes, Written by people who know it intimately not for people who don’t :+1: