Flex Implant and Fidesmo

Hi to all,
I was wondering if the flex transponder could be used to make payment applications with fidesmo (the new VivoKey).
Does anybody have any experiance with this?

I have the OpenKeychain app installed on android and could write a pgp keypair to a fidesmo card. could this be done with the flex implant too or is it another chipset not suited for the application?

Thanks in advance,

The VivoKey will be a flex-line product, and it is the only one we have so far that can run java card applets.

Thanks for the prompt response.

The VivoKey flex implant is not available at the moment, right?
Or is it this one?

If it is not, but available, where can I get it?

Not available yet, there’s an email signup list on the Vivokey page.