Flex implants in Sweden

Hello everyone, I’ve been looking into getting some flex implants done.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a location in Sweden that has experience with them, I checked with my usual place (calm bodymod) and Chai assured me he had done a few over the years but that he’d done cosmetic implants for over a decade.

So I guess I have 2 questions:

  1. Does anyone have any experience with flex implants done by Chai and how was that
  2. Any other viable places that do Flex implants in Sweden?

Thanks in advance!

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Hope she doesn’t mind me taking her @Mariarangok

Just from how often I hear this name (in non-negative contexts) I’d have no concerns going there.

Interms of Chai what I have seen on there Instagram and what I have heard there should be no concerns.

Chai is THE guy for this kind of bodymod. I’m in JKP and it’s a bit of a trek so I get mine stuff done here and my installer is great, he goes to Chai for his stuff. You’ll be in great hands.


Great, it’s not that I doubt Chai, I think he did my Vivokey and my NExT or maybe just one of those. I know he did my magnet implant. It’s just that the vivokey and next were “just” syringe stuff, flex seems to be a whole different thing, so I wanted to get some reviews before I commit.

Oh sure, he’s done at least one or two of my parts but never a flex, so wanted some customer reviews.

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Check out his insta, the quality of the more complex procedures he does it impeccable.
If it’s a standard flex butterfly factor you might even get a needle install. You can PM me if you want for install vids.