Flex Implants, Pharmaceutical Ketamine & Me

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following was done by an experienced individual under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Absolutely do not try this or anything similar at home. Please feel free to remove this post if it violates any guidelines.

On October 15th, 2022 I had a [beta] Apex Mega Spectrum implanted in my right hand, in between positions two and three around 11 AM. If I recall correctly, this particular implant is ~25mm in diameter. Come 6 PM or so, the numbing agents used during the procedure had begun to wear off and I was experiencing significant swelling and pain at both the entry point of the implant (ie., incision/wound) and its final location.

I have a prescription for liquid ketamine solution from a medical practitioner at 100mg/ml. Additionally, I also have ampoules of Toradol (ketorolac, a prescription-strength NSAID) at 30mg/ml. Using a sterile 23 GA 1 1/2 inch syringe, I injected a 2.5ml solution (1.5ml ketamine/1ml Toradol) into my left deltoid muscle.

This combination provided a near-immediate pain relief that lasted until I went to sleep that night, and was also able to reduce the swelling I experienced a good deal. I’m interested in potentially exploring the use of ketamine as an anesthetic during the install process, injected subcutaneously into the area prior to install at a much lower concentration than my intramuscular dose.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about this experience, but please keep in mind that I was prescribed this medicine by a physician and have been trained in proper injection procedures. This is not something you should be under the impression you can do yourself out of the gate.


For some reason I hadn’t heard of ketamine in the context of swelling before. How does it compare to a normal combination of an anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, in your opinion?

It’s much more effective with fewer side effects in my opinion. I’d rather take ketamine for pain over something like opioids any day of the week. I’ve used it for dental surgery related pain as well.

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So was that 150mg of Ketamine into the muscle? If so that should definitely give you some relief. For a person under 60kg I use 200mg intramuscular Ketamine to completely sedate them unconscious.

I doubt that subcut Ketamine will have the local anaesthetic effects you are after. Local anaesthetics are usually sodium channel blockers that prevent the transmission of an action potential, ketamine doesn’t work like that.

Any subcutaneous administration of pain killers isn’t likely to assist at the site with pain but will slowly be absorbed and give you systemic pain relief effects.

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That’s correct, yes! It provided great relief.

Oh wow, that’s interesting. I weigh ~230lbs for what it’s worth. Is done in a surgical context? For me, 200mg probably wouldn’t be enough to totally knock me out.

That makes sense! I appreciate the tidbit.

For your weight I would use 400mg but that is for sedation of someone who is agitated and unsafe due to mental health or drugs. You wouldn’t need as high a dose if the person wasn’t agitated and climbing upside down on the ceiling after chowing down an MDMA Happy Meal. Basically, if you want to get punchy punchy then you go sleepy sleepy.

For general anaesthetic Ketamine is given intravenously and much lower doses are required. For your weight it would be about 150mg along with some other drugs to stop you from moving.