Flex Installers

Does anyone think it’d be useful to compile a text-based list of confirmed Flex installers? I get that the partner map is out-of-date in places and a pain to keep updated, but I figure people who know what they’re doing w/r/t Flex stuff aren’t forgetting the procedure overnight… plus the map tends to focus on x-series stuff. I think a lot of people falling off the map do so cos of staff turnover or general fickleness.

Thoughts? Prayers? Ideas? Rambles? It’s the weekend, go fully off. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Just my 2c:

While I’d love to see a list come together, there is a pretty big issue - in many places, what they do is illegal (unless they use the newer 5mm needle procedure with straight or wedge shaped flex implants).

Though on this forum we are very accepting of that risk, I’d think that oftentimes installers don’t want to chance being found doing something illegal. Hell, in Australia, we have one or two ongoing court cases regarding some body modification artists which means that its very difficult to find someone willing to risk their livelihood should something go wrong or it be discovered.

In addition, I know amal has said there are some potential installers who are not willing to be on the partner map.

There are two things which could help to prevent any unwanted consequences for installers:

  • ask them before they are added to the list, like with the current partner map
  • instead of putting names of the installers, put location plus someone who has been to them and can be DM’d to get more information

That makes sense - and tbh the notion of finding a customer who’ll vouch for an installer is genius - maybe the first step would be compiling what’s legal where? Something like a map with countries/states/territories shaded a certain way based on legality, lack thereof or lack of info.

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I guess it’s already well-known on this forum, but my installer is fine with appearing on any map you like, and I can vouch for him (like, a lot!^^). Anyone willing to travel to Germany for a flex install or any other unusual or experimental body mod can contact me (or my artist, since I put his link in my profile :wink: )