Flex owners! show me your scars!

a Flex One, healed since 2018. Used needle install method.

a PAY chip, and a big one at that, August 2020. Pretty sure it was 30mmx15mm. Cosmetic surgeon and proper suturing that resulted ensured excellent healing.

[REDACTED] chip put in about a month ago, it’s coming out tomorrow. Needle install method.

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Scars developed nicely…

from the flexNExT going in, now almost 9 months old:

and from the flexNExT going out again, now almost 5 months old:

I still have a spot of oddly-feeling skin next to the scar on the back of my hand, and still some really funny-coloured patches around it (especially when it’s cold), but all in all, I’m fine with how the scars look. They already fade quite a lot, and it’s no problem for me if they remain somewhat visible.


FlexEM put in 4/12/21 that’s the edge of my right hand with the tag being placed on the back of my hand in the corner closest to my knuckle and pinky finger.

FlexNT also put in 4/12/21 this one is position 8 on the left hand.

Looks to me like you have two options:-

  1. Make up a cool war story when people ask “what happened” ( The truth should be good enough ) :wink:
  2. A new scarification design on the back of your hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

Why not both?



I’m currently doing this one - though, to be honest, few people really ask what happened when you have visible “flaws”… most do not dare to, sadly :wink:

I’m kinda considering that one, too… or a nice tattoo, at least for the knife edge something binding-rune-like would be fitting (they usually have a big straight line as a base :wink: )…
But to be honest, I’m still not so sure if my employer would accept that. Maybe when I’m finally self-employed and willing to prove that bodymods don’t scare away customers :smile:

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I don’t know what line of work your in, but I remember about ten years ago people with visible tattoos and piercings couldn’t work in the food industry. Now they have no choice but to hire those people since EVERYONE has tattoos and piercings. Not to mention they’ve made it discriminatory not to hire people with body modifications nowadays.

Also, to stay on topic, here’s my FlexEM scar.

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I’m working in retail, in an organic supermarket, and yep - things have changed quite a bit. When I started working there, more than 15 years ago, no visible tattoos or piercing were allowed at all.
I “softened” that up a bit over time, and just some weeks ago they reworked some of our official “working instructions”, and they now say that tattoos and piercings have to be discreet. Whatever that means…
I guess they won’t kick me out for getting a visible tattoo, but hands and face are always a bit “special” :woman_shrugging:

For day 30, that surely looks amazing! Nice healing :wink:

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I totally agree. It is an experience to see and feel! your skin moves from inside up and down. But NSFW! my Piercer was like finally found some who didn´t collapse when seen it.

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I removed seama after 12 days.
Bthw what you paid? i payd 150€ for flex and 50€ for X to a prof in germany

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I paid 250,- € for the flex (though it was the big-ass flexNExT) at my bodmod artist’s Studio, and I’m fine with that :wink:
The xSeries were done at my local piercing studio, and I literally had to force them to take any money at all - think I paid 20,- € each or so.

Oh, and my usual advice to all fellow Germans, Europeans (and pretty much anybody else): if you ever need a good bodmod artist, I can absolutely recommend mine :smile:


I’m a bit late to the party but I wanna play!
Here’s my scar from my FlexClass. It was installed on Sept. 15, 2021 and this picture was taking this morning, Dec. 1, 2021.


FlexEm installed ~7 months ago. No stitches, just steristrips.

Why did you remove the flexNext after such a short time? Did anything bother you?

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(Almost) all flexNExTs had failures.

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Ah okay.
Are you an early riser? at this time at a saturday morning? :grinning:


FlexEM scar nearly 8 months later
Looking back was totally my fault it scarred this bad because I didn’t keep the scab dry so it was constantly flaking and returning. Also think the stitches mightve been a bit too tight.

Bevel down flex needle scar (purewrist)
Nearly 5 months later

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10pm on Friday night here. :unicorn_sleeping:

Lucky bugger. Due to the emergency removal / The flex trying to self eject, My scar is pretty apparent and the scars for the stitches look like spiderwebs.

Still a sweet memory of what once was.