flexClass HID iClass standard implant in limited release

We now have the flexClass - an HID iClass standard implantable chip with personalization mode enabled! That means you can enroll this chip with most standard iClass systems, or you can clone an existing legitimately enrolled credential to the flexClass implant (using a Proxmark3).

At the time of release, we only have 4 available and we will not accept backorders on this product at this time. The chips used in this release of the flexClass are 2kB in size and cannot be used with certain biometric iClass systems which store full biometric data on chip. Future releases will likely be using the 16kB chip version.


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Once an iClass card is cloned onto the card (especially if the source card is locked), will the flexClass be locked? (I’m trying to figure out how much I can play around with it for uses beyond the original card I’d like to clone)

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This is my flexClass


Not unless something trips the “fuse” bits and locks it

I would LOVE one of these in flex or x series, do you have any plans to release more?

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that’s good news, do you have any kind of timeline idea?

Tentatively I want to say Soon™


flex or x?

flex for sure… @NiamhAstra has been pretty busy lately so getting more flexClass has been delayed for now.

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The product page still says flexClass+PM3 is available, should probably change that

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The source card is only locked if the fuses are blown and put into application mode. So blocks 6-9 are your data blocks that are actually used “for access” in conjunction with the XOR of the HID master authentication key and the cards CSN. So, as long as you don’t mess around with block 1, you should be okay with whatever experiments. At least, that’s been my experience.

I’ve been MIA lately…sorry guys. Work and life has been kicking my ass. Hope all is well!

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