FlexDF Formatting Debacle

Hey there👋!

So I’ve had my FlexDF implant for around a while and I absolutely love it! But recently, while messing around with it, I mistakenly formatted it to factory reset. And so, since the chip is currently an empty tag that seems to be unable to recognize NDEF-based commands, would there be any method to have it regain its original function or is there perhaps another function that the tag still retains after the reset?

Hmm… well, if the ndef application was removed, it will have to be re-instantiated… try TagWriter from NXP to write NDEF data… or perform a format from within TagWriter… that should install the NDEF AID on the chip, then you should be able to write NDEF data to it.

Hey Amal,

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I tried out TagWriter, but it ends up declaring that it isn’t able to format the tag. Likewise, I also seem to be unable to write any NDEF data onto the tag with TagWriter. :sweat: Do you think there could be another method to re-instantiate the NDEF application on the tag? Or is there maybe a feature on TagWriter that could also hold such promise? If not, then would I possibly need to replace install another FlexDF chip?

I am sure there is a method to fix it, but I have not taken the time to figure it out. I think you will probably need something like NFC Shell or the Advanced capabilities of NFC Tools to send specific commands to the chip. I think you have some reading to do now with the DESFire EV1 documentation to figure it out.